What is your opinion on this? Please respond, I think this is an interesting topic for discussion.

Glen Campbell, country recording artist, is being sued over a documentary he made about his struggles with Alzheimer’s. There is footage used of other patients who signed papers to allow this process to continue. The issue at hand is if these papers give him the right to have footage of them, given their condition. Do you think someone with Alzheimer’s can still make decisions such this on their own legally?


Eight Wonderful Ways to Heighten Your Caregiving Experience

Dementia Journey by Deborah Shouse

Mountains cannot be surmounted except by winding paths.                                                                      — Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


How do we appreciate our lives as a care partner when we’re worn, torn and forlorn? How do we feel our creative spark when we don’t have time or energy for our usual forms of renewal?

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing some leading creative caregivers for an article on Conscious Caregiving for Natural Awakenings. Click here to read this article.

I’ve also found inspiration on the blog, where Leo Babauta offers great ideas for making the most of life. Leo generously shares his wisdom with anyone who wants to learn from and with him. Here are two…

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Why I Walk – Mary Ann Johnson

Alzheimer's Association Greater Richmond Chapter

Why I Walk

My name is Mary Ann Johnson and I Walk for my mother and my grandchildren. My mother turned 100 years old on August 10th of this year and has been dealing with the cognitive issues of probable Alzheimer’s for over 15 years.

She is still her sweet self and her social skills make her a love to everyone who meets her. She was a teacher and one of her first grade students actually came to her 100th birthday party!

My mother never wanted this disease and fought hard to not let us know what she was dealing with.

I Walk so that others are aware they are not alone. I Walk to let others know there are services in their community to help.

I Walk so we can accelerate research and find a cure so that my mother’s grandchildren and great grandchildren
will never have to experience the burden and…

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Mad as Hell: Creating a Movement

The Long and Winding Road...

PLEASE contact your representatives… please. If you aren’t sure who or how, click here to find your House representative and here to find your Senate representatives.

We MUST let Washington know that we’re mad as hell and need their support NOW.

When I was in DC at the WomenAgainstAlzheimer’s Out of the Shadows Summit earlier in the month, we heard research leaders Reisa Sperling (Brigham and Women’s, Harvard), Kate Zhong (Cleveland Clinic), and others, talking about the great work being done in labs across the country. Hope is there, we just need funding to match that of the other leading causes of death: cancer, heart disease, and HIV/AIDS.

Don’t think your voice doesn’t count. You + your neighbor + his brother + his co-worker + her neighbor + on and on and on. It’s time to make this a movement, just like the movement to cure cancer and HIV/AIDS. Time…

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